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Tips on choosing a dining table

Posted: 10/07/2014 in Blog

What to know before choosing a table for your dining room or kitchen?

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How to choose a table for a dining room or kitchen? Especially from a wide choice of Italian contemporary, modern and classic design, extending or fixed dining tables

Main qualities which dining table needs to have:

1. Material of which dining table is made, must have a good water resistance. Spilled coffee or any other liquids definitely affect the appearance of the table. And often, it's wiped with a damp cloth. 
2. Also, it's important to have ecologically safe material, as a dining table interacts with food, so you don't get any harmful substances.
3. And of course, a dining table need to have a pleasant, aesthetic appearance.

Solid wood extending console dining table in white and natural wood Italian contemporary extending designer console dining table

Shapes of the dining table:
  • square shape
  • rectangular shape
  • oval shape
  • round shape
Also it differs by structure:
Dining tables can be classified according to the materials from which they are made:
  • glass dining table
  • dining table with metal structure
  • table with a plastic material
  • table made of chipboard and MDF
  • wooden dining table
White extending dining table by Italian manufacturers White round extending dining table made in Italy White extending round table in contemporary designExtending dining table solid wood legs and gloss white top Aged fir wood round table vintage contemporary design Square solid wood central leg dining table contemporary design

How to choose ideal shape and material for your dining room or kitchen?

To begin with let's deal with a shape of the table. If you have a large, spacious kitchen, then it's easy to fit in a round or oval dining table. Undoubted advantage of round table is the lack of corners, that in everyday life can cause a discomfort, as if you have guests, round table always can fit more people. 

However, if you have a small dining room, then a square or rectangular shaped table will look better and will not occupy a much space. You can optimize the space in the kitchen by placing a square or rectangular table next to the wall. Also you can save space by purchasing the extendable tables or tables transformers - see more from our dining room furniture range.

After you chosen a shape, then it's a right time to choose a material. Wooden, glass, metal tables have their own pro's and con's. Of course a choice depends on interior as well. But there are some details about each material:

For example, glass tables look stylish and beautiful and are suitable for dining rooms as in contemporary style as in classic, but the con of the transparent glass table is that minor marks from cups or fingerprints can be easily seen. That's why it needs to be constantly wiped and coasters has to be placed. 

Tables with metal structure are suitable for example for dining rooms in high-tech style. The only drawback of this table is that it's constantly cold. It could be a bit unpleasant to touch it. 

As for tables made of chipboard, then they do not promise to serve a long time, unless it's produced by reliable manufacturer. Chipboard tables from a unreliable manufacturers do not have sufficient strength and moisture resistance.
For dining rooms, where liquids can easily be spilled on a dining table, the substitutable wood can absorb moisture and risks to grow damp. Furthermore, because chipboard badly holds nails, after lush parties, it can just fall apart. More importantly it could be not safe to use chipboard for dining table as it could contain harmful pitches. 

But the tables made of MDF or medium density fibreboard that's what you need for your dining room. They are manufactured by compression wooden chips. This material is more environmentally friendly compared to chipboard, it doesn't contain tar, because instead of it, used lignin, for gluing chips, which is absolutely safe for human health.

Undoubtedly, timelessly classic is a wooden dining table, it's just out of competition. Of course, we should mention that the quality of dining table depends on the properties of the wood from which is made. And important indicator in choosing wood material for  dining table is wood density.

For softwood species, for example, include conifers - pine, spruce, cedar or fir and alder, poplar, linden, juniper and other species.
Hardwood species are oak, birch, larch, beech, elm or maple. But the hardest are considered - steel birch, black locust, yew, boxwood and dogwood.