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How to choose a chair?

Posted: 04/07/2014 in Blog

How to choose a chair?

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What do you need to consider before buying chairs? Correct type of chair, its location, desired weight of chair and so on. 
Advance preparation will help you save time and make a right choice, achieving functionality whilst still complimenting your other modern dining furniture.

Types of chairs

First, determine what kind of chair do you want? Upholstered or not, folding, stackable, semi-armchair (chair with armrests)?

Think about whether you want them to be all the same or a bit different, e.g. same design, but different colour, or completely different styles of chairs, like in Sketch gallery restaurant. Whatever you choose, make sure that they are high quality chairs, as they will be with you quite a solid period of time. 

Lime green and blue armchairs in Italian contemporary design White wooden contemporary dining room chair Spider legs iron legs and plastic seat armchair Solid wood Italian modern chair in grey and bordeaux
Luxury smooth shell chair Italian contemporary design zebra wood Stacking contemporary wooden chair with metal feet Folding iatlain metal and wood chair  Red or white chairs contemporary design


Are you choosing chairs for your dining room or for your kitchen? The approach in here is different, and in particular, this applies to materials. 
In the kitchen, chairs need to be made of materials which are resistant to a dirt and moisture, preferable with easily washable back (as often it's grabbed by with clean hands). 
For dining room, chairs can have a fabric upholstery, and for living room - any material which will be in style with sofa. 
The structure materials for folding chair need to be extra durable and the seat and the backrest - practical. 

Chair height

If you are buying chairs online, then make sure that you buy from a reliable company, as they have standards for heights of the chairs. 
For the buyers with extra small or extra tall heights, or just who wants to make sure that they and their guests will feel comfortable, offered special chairs with adjustable seat heights. By pushing a handler-lever under the seat, you are introducing yourself to the gas - lift mechanism (borrowed from office chair design).

The depth and width of the seat

How to choose a chair with perfect measurements? The front side of the chair shouldn't ''dig'' into the space under the knees. The optimal seat depth is 40-45 cm (16-18 inches), in this case between the knees and tip of the chair will be 5 cm space.
If you are buying a chair with armrests, note the width of a chair, because may be, some of your guests, will simply not fit into the chair.

Angle and backrest position

Support a spine. In this paragraph we will talk about swivel chair. Swivel chair's back need to be almost straight, no more then 2-5 degree inclination. In designing a backrest of the chair, manufacturers usually take into account the Akerblom's line. Some chairs have springy backrests, and more advanced models have shock-absorption cushioning. When pressed by the body weight, the backrest slowly deflects and rectifies.

Weight of the chair

Are you going to move your chairs often? Think about, what is more important for you - mobility or stability?
If mobility, then it's better to choose a chair made of plastic or beechwood, plywood. With these chairs is easy to move from place to place, or store them in the closet, taking them out only when your guests arrive.

But if you need stability, then you need heavy wooden chairs or thick legged chairs or with a metal frame.

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