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How to choose sofa for your living room?

Posted: 27/06/2014 in Blog

Guidelines To Choosing A Sofa| Living Room Furniture Blog

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The living room is one of the main places in a house that has to be furnished with special diligence and attention; and a centrepiece of the living room is a sofa. It's a place where we all relax, read, watch TV and sometimes fall asleep. Therefore it's important to get it right. High quality, durability and comfort are the main factors of choosing a sofa. 
How to choose a right size for your sofa?

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious living room, then feel free to explore varieties of the modular sofas. Modular sofas are assembled from components, modules and arranged in different positions, depending on the interior and the number of the guests.

For smaller rooms, it's better to get corner sofas. They look quite solid, but they don't take much space and there is no need to buy extra armchair. 

If you have a limited space, then it's better to get a sofa without armrests

Features of mechanisms

Transformer sofa beds are good for limited space or for flats without a separate guest rooms. For example, if for your guests, it's too late to go home, they can stay over night at your living room. All you need to do is transform a sofa into the bed within seconds. 

Multi-layered polyurethane foam fillers will be very comfortable, especially combined with beech slats.

Check the structure of the sofa. It has to be made of natural wood or metal. Make sure that you don't get a sofa made of particleboard, as it's too unreliable and not durable. 

Fashion trends tell us to get sofas with legs. And it easier for cleaning the floor as well.

Durability of fabric

Ways of upholstering is so diverse, that sometimes it's hard to decide, which one to pick. All materials which are used for upholstery are divided into groups, depending on the price. Although the price is not always indication of quality. 
The main principle in choosing material still remains a look and durability.

Which material can provide a long service?

Very popular replacement for real leather is arpatech. It looks delicate and thin, but in reality, it's resistant to fading and damaging. 

Leather is also relevant, as it provide the most sophisticated and elegant look, but requires a room with sufficient humidity. It doesn't tolerate direct sunlight and rough handling. 

Inexpensive, but very durable is microfibre fabric. It's resistant to get soiled, colours do not fade and it's hard to tear.

The material with which you need to be extra careful is jacquard, flock, chenille and velvet. These materials are not families with kids or pets, as they easily can damage it.


And a last question is how to choose a right colour? Let's make it clear, colour of the sofa always attracts attention, as the sofa is the biggest piece of furniture in the living room. If you are choosing a sofa according to the finished interior of the living room, then the principle is simple, as lighter the walls of the room as brighter furniture needs to be, or the other way round. But take into account with which colour you don't feel relaxed or you feel tensed. As a living room gathers all members of the family, make sure that the chosen colours do not bother anyone. 

And last thing we would like to say is while you are pursuing a nice look, do not forget about functionality and comfort. 

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