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How to choose an interior for a living room?

Posted: 21/06/2014 in Blog

How to choose an interior for a living room?

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Today we will talk about how to choose a right interior for you living room.

Living room should be the biggest room in the house, as it gathers the whole family and guests. Therefore it's important to create a cosy and warm atmosphere in there. If you have a studio flat or just a small apartment, then it's really important to segment your place properly. 

How to create a stylish interior

You should start with a basic choice of style not only for a living room, but for the interior of the whole apartment. Then you need to identify the main areas, like ''private and public''. Often people use a living room as a workplace too by placing a desk. The space can be separated with a floor podium or with bookcase room divider. If you have a small space, then use only one colour in flooring, it will visually enhances the space. 

In spacious living room you can experiment with the ceiling. The navy stretch ceiling in conjunction with plasterboard creates an interesting effect. Also think about the lighting

Modular Italian bookcases made in Italy in grey White partition library with glass shelves living room fruniture

Oriental style

Anything which is in excess is not attractive - that's a rule number one of oriental style interior. It has to be concise, functional and smart. All elements of the interior must have connection with a nature. Main goal is to create light and shadow, or rather some semi-darkness with a thin obscuring lighting. In furnishing use muted colours, like yellowish grey.

About materials, it's better to use wood (closer to the nature). There must be a niche where you can place vase with flowers, and above it you can hang a painting or calligraphy inscription. In this kind of interior people feel abstracted, well-balanced and calm.

And of course, in this room should be minimum furniture pieces or fitted furniture, like side coffee tables which can be places under each other. And some bookcases, which can be used as display unit, preferably with oriental infusion too. You can place a room divider in this interior as well. Or part a floor with a modern carpet

Glass sliding door italian partitiions for contemporary interior

Small living room in minimalist style

Minimalism is quite conservative, but doesn't forbid to make variety of features that make a house a fascinating, warm and comfortable place. E.g. Bright coloured funky sofas, unique shaped side tables, interestingly designed bookshelves. Such a bright colour piece of furniture, becomes a centrepoint of the room and makes it more appealing and cosy.   

contemporary Italian sofa custom made funky unique design furniture Ocean blue colour armchair, unique outstanding living room furniture

TV Units are quite important part of living rooms as well. There are many varieties of them. They have to be functional and not bulky.

Green yellow contemporary Italian tv media wall mounted unit Blue White Italian contemporary wall mounted cupboard wall media unit

Tall, white floor lamps with transparent bars are the parts of minimalist interior too and they give a ''high tech'' style touch and festive mood to the living room. 

6 Don't of living room interior design.

  • If the living room is designed in classic style, then technology products need to be hidden in closets. 
  • Do not overburden your living room with bulky furniture. Living room needs to have a light and balanced atmosphere. 
  • The walls shouldn't be in dark colours, as they visually compress a space, by making it to heavy and aggressive. 
  • If you have a low ceiling in your living room, do not mount wall lamps to close to it, otherwise it can warp a ceiling from its heat.
  • When you are zoning your living, with a low ceiling it's not recommended to use multi levelled stretch ceilings, as they narrow a space.
  • Doors in the living room shouldn't be narrow. Firstly because, it's the main room in the house, where appropriate to have a main entrance as an arch or with double doors. Secondly, from practical point of view, through narrow doors it's difficult to take in or out the bulky furniture pieces.
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