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How to choose a bed for your bedroom?

Posted: 14/06/2014 in Blog

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Bedrooms have always been a special place. A place where you can relax, abstract yourself from outside world and regain strength. And share it, of course, with someone special. That's why a bedroom is so personal and sacred to all of us in all respects. Some of us try hard to adorn it with fancy accessories, some of us just prefer to keep it clean and simple, but all of us want to have it extremely comfortable and cosy.

So what helps us to make our bedroom comfortable and cosy?

Furniture has always been integral part of civilization. In ancient times, only the rich could afford it, but today fortunately it's available to the various classes of society. Nowadays, you can express yourself through interior of your house. Furthermore it tells a lot about you, e.g. which lifestyle you lead - bohemian, family, celebrity, etc. 

Bed is a centrepiece of the bedroom. We can say that it sets the style under which the rest of the furniture needs to fit. A bed consist of the bed frame and the mattress. Bed frame design is a crucial part of the whole interior of the room. The mattress should fit into bed frame and your needs. When you choose a mattress, you should consider hypo-allergenic memory foam mattresses, which provide a comfortable and healthy sleep. 

How to choose a bed?

There are three types of bed frame:

1. Two supporting backrests and two lateral panels
2. Four drawer sides and hinged backrest - one or two
3. Mixed of two types - one backrest and two legs

If a bed designed by second type (without backrest support), then it requires support. Mostly it can be four legs. Although there are other options, like casters, side panels, extra-base bottom (platform, podium), etc. 

Which bed frame is better? Actually, it doesn't matter whether your bed rely on legs or backrests. It's really depends on quality and manufacturer. If it's good quality bed then it will last long for a far long time, if it's cheap then it will start creaking soon after you bought it and sadly will require a replacement. 

Quite important is the material of the bed frame. The most reliable bed frames are the ones which are made of wood and metal. Iron beds are now highly popular and trendy. Good enough the beds with wicker frame. If you would like to buy a bed made of hardboard or MDF, you have to make sure that it comes from reliable manufacturer, as at fixing, cracks may occur, making the bed loosened and creaky. Especially if it's made of chipboard. Surely, from less known manufacturers the beds can be cheaper, but it will cost more in longer period. 

Bed base. Frame work is important as a supporting structure. Because the quality of the sleep primarily depends on the bed. Major role plays a mattress, about which we will talk another time. The bed base can be sprung edge, slatted or latticed and serves as a support for a mattress. Sprung slatted base is made of curved wooden slats usually made of beech wood. They provide a natural bounce in the slats which adjust for your comfort. And it ventilates the mattress quite easily than with gas lift mechanism. The most deluxe is the sprung edge, it gives a soft feel and extends the life of the mattress.

For storage beds is the best slatted frame with gas lift mechanism. If you push it up, it will lift up smoothly by itself. This kind of bed frame creates a storage box located under the base. It's is very convenient for small rooms or just to keep your place tidy. 

Headboard. A bed without a headboard is not a proper bed. However, if you place it against the wall, it might be a bit more comfortable. Still in that case you need to polish a wall with special washable paint. In any case, if you don't place it against the wall, then to have a headboard is obligatory.

Headboard performs a relaxation function, providing a convenient position for a resting person. You can lean on it while you reading book, working with a laptop or watching a TV. Also having a backrest makes staying in the bed even more comfortable psychologically - person feels more secure. If you spending a long time in the bed while reading, watching TV, then it's better to choose a solid bed with a high headboard. If you choose a bed with slatted or iron wrought headboard, then it's desirable to have extra pillows. 

How to choose a size of a bed?

1. The ideal size of the bed is minimum 15 cm longer then your height. 
2. Make sure that you get your figures right. Measure your the exact space for your bed and make sure it will fit to your room.
3. The hight of the bed is also important. Now it's fashionable to have low platform bed, but they are suitable only for young and healthy. The older you get, the higher bed you need. Ideally, the upper edge of the mattress should not be below the knees of the person standing next to it.

Focus on interior of the bedroom. Design and materials of the bed dictates the style of bedroom interior. For example, if the bed room is in Romanesque style, then the bed made of bamboo or wicker simply will not fit into interior. So lets talk about how to choose a bed which is suitable to your interior. 

Platform beds fit perfectly into Japanese style, same as for minimalist or high-tech. Nowadays highly fashionable beds in minimalist and vintage design. Wrought iron beds are ideal for retro style interior. But don't forget to get extra pillows for an extended comfort. 

Place a bed in that position that you can easily open your window, for example if your bed stands next to the window, then it will be quite irritating to crawl over the bed every time you want to open a window. Between a bed and a wardrobe (chest of drawers, bedside cabinet) should be enough space in order to open a door easily. Remember, everything in the room has to be in harmony.

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