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Tips how to save space in your apartment

Posted: 10/05/2014 in Blog

Tips how to save space in your apartment

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Doesn't matter what size is your flat, it will always be not enough space after while. It's a fact. Small studio apartment does not have enough space for even a small coffee table, same as three or four room apartment for gym equipment and house for sauna, pool table, etc. 

How to save space at your home and properly arrange necessary things yet still leaving a bit of free space for comfort?

Methods of saving space

First of all, you need to determine what needs to be in the premises and properly arrange the furniture. There is no need for haste.
Secondly, consider which furniture each family member needs. Determine the best place for it, where it will be convenient to use. After job is done, still there could be unnecessary things which are not functional at all. For example it could be old kids furniture, old chairs, sofas, tv-sets and other stuff, which are not matching with whole interior of the place. When needless things removed, will get much more room to style your interior. 

In the kitchen recommended to have triangle principle. The gist of it is that domestic appliances as refrigerator, stove and sink are placed in forming triangle shape. Such arrangement is the most practical and allows to optimize your work in the kitchen. In order to keep tidy and clean, it is important to have a storage place to keep all the things. It could be storage room, wardrobe with sliding doors, all kind of modular shelves and racks. 

Use furniture transformers

In order to get more space, you can use transformers furniture. For example, console sideboard which can miraculously transform into dining table. Or well-known sofa beds, with which we are familiar for decades. 

Hinged shelves, modular bookcases and racks.  

Hinged wall shelves or modular bookcases are very popular options, because they don't take a lot of space. You can place anything you want starting from books, CD's and interior accessories. Modular bookcases a great option not just for saving a space, but also to create whole interior in style. Concerning the sizes of the furniture, it's essential to choose basing on size of the premises. In small rooms should not be placed too many furniture pieces, yet by not compromising your wants too. In this case, better to find a golden mean. 

If you are interested in modular, minimalist furniture and you would like professionally arrange your room or flat, you are in a right place. We will do it for you for FREE. Just contact us by phone or email.   

Extending Italian dining table in white lacquered wood 

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