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Bank Holiday Feast

Posted: 24/04/2017 in Blog

Bank Holiday Ideas for Furniture, Chairs, Cribs, Hallway Units, Lamps

My Italian Living Ltd

April and May are the months of Bank Holiday - there have been many, quite close to each other, and they always mean some quality time spent with those you love or for some well-deserved, relaxing me time. But bank holiday may also need to look around and see that you may need to do some purchases, especially because spring and summer are the seasons of change and you may want to give your house a new, fresh look.

This is our miscellaneous of products for Bank Holiday, just in case you are in the moment when you need something new to add to your flawless style.



Contemporary stacking patio chair 'Class' by Scab

This amazing chair was designed by Artter and Citton, which is an undeniable mark of style. We are sure that this chair will look amazing in your garden, because its translucent feature makes it harmonic with nature, and the green goes perfectly with all the shades of nature, but it is also perfect for the indoor.

It is also stackable, so you can order more to a maximum of six pieces. It is fully recyclable and it is made only of high quality materials, that is, polycarbonate. It is available also in solid colour, if you do not like the translucent shade. The available colours are: transparent, translucent smoked, bottle green, glossy white and black.

There is an old tradition in terms of translucent chairs in Italy, but Scab always renews it and find new ways to use this feature and create amazing products. It is a comfortable, cosy chair. The backrest has a square design, but it gets thinner towards the top, in an elegant shape. It can be easily matched with many other chairs or tables from our catalogue, that include several designs of translucent or transparent chairs. We recommend you to have a look at the whole catalogue in order to find the best solution for your garden.




Modern 'Nova' elegant pendant lamp by Slamp

As in theatre lights can represent emotions, atmospheres and places, lamps can change a big deal in a room, and we are perfectly aware of this. Slamp is one of the main manufacturers in terms of lamps and lights, and they produce functional pieces that also look amazingly elegant in any environment. 'Nova' is one of our favourite. It is made of metallized polycarbonate and it is provided with a metal ceiling mount. It is also connected to the metal ceiling mount by an electrical wire.

This enchanting lamp reminds of a phial or a crucible. What we think it is a unique detail of its design is the mirrored inner surface, that contrasts the outer polycarbonate coating and creates a nice pool of light.

If you want specific colours because you think they will look better with your style, do not worry, since it is available in different versions: black/mirror, gold/black, white/mirror, white/gold.

This lamp looks good in every room, and we know you will find it a great asset for your bedroom or dining room, both because it is a nice centrepiece and because it gives a special, intimate flair to the room.




Bespoke luxury chest of drawers 'Maverik' by Morassutti

We wanted to show you this chest of drawers - that is available also as a tallboy and as a bedside cabinet - because the version in this pictures has a nice, fresh look that speaks of summer and spring. In fact, the contrast between the white drawer and the turquoise ones gives a nautical flair, and the turquoise is the colour of the sea.

The design is very simple, neat and clean, and still, elegant and unique. Morassutti is a famous and elegant Italian manufacturer, and it is very well-known for the high quality of its products.

It can be fully coated in a matt, glossy or oak finish on all sides, so, even if you want to put it in the middle of the room, you can, as it will look amazing even from behind or from each angle. It is available in Kromosystem lacquered, lacquered matt, lacquered wood and wood essence finishes. Even if you do not really enjoy these colours and the nautical theme, there are many other finishes and colours that you may choose.

If you want to have the match set of tallboy, chest of drawers and bedside cabinet, all you have to do is check our catalogue!



Extending console dining table 'Magic' by Compar






The console table Magic is a great accessory if you idea of style is elegance and classic. The design is modern, but the console table is a traditional piece. Compar strenght lies in taking pieces from the most ancient Italian tradition and turning them into contemporary and minimalist pieces of furniture, great for every kind of environment.

It is a top quality piece and it was completely made in Italy. The console is extendible and it is made in wenge wood, with an inner extention of 33 cm and two extentions 52 cm each, all included in a polypropylene folder with handle. The dimensions of the console when closed is 120x50 cm, and the maximum extension is 120x187 cm.

We really like this console table as it could be the perfect place where you could keep beautiful accessories. For example, you can match it with a beautiful, elegant mirror, a painting, a lamp or a vase. A console table is also useful to keep in the hallway, as the place where you drop everything you are carrying - keys, shopping bags, purse - right after you have come in. A useful and extremely elegant piece.




Modern Swivel armchair in leather Zerottantuno by Domingo

This chair is an extremely unique and original piece, and this is the reason why we wanted you to see it. In fact, the design and shape makes it similar to a nest, or, better, to an egg, and it looks like a comfortable ball were curling up. The finish in the picture is leather, but you can have it in in different finishes, such as fabric and others.

Domingo is an ultramodern, contemporary manufacturer, particularly well-known for the weirdness - and the trend - of its design. This is not even one of the most original pieces, as in our catalogue you may find very, very weird items.

The armchair in this picture is made of natural leather swivel. The seat is very comfortable. The leather that you can have comes in three types, and the colours that you can choose are endless. The structure is made of chronium-plated metal tubular frame, with a cold foamed polyurethane padding. The base is cone-shaped, made of polished pressure die-cast aluminium.

This armchair is also very light, only 17 kg, so it can be easily moved around the house. You can also buy more than one, just to match with all the colours of your dining room.




Italian luxury baby crib with hood Muffin by Picci







This cot is extremely beautiful, and it will give a great flair of luxury to your baby's room. It is 100% designed and made in Italy. The classic design is inspired by the traditional Italian designs for baby cribs, and, just like them, this piece has a beautiful and resistant wooden structure. The muffin collection is particularly popular and well known, and it is available in white or natural wood colours, just for you to choose it according to your tastes and needs.

We really want to stress the fact that all materials used by Picci are baby healty-friendly and they are certified by European health and safety standards. Picci is a famous baby furniture manufacturer, and they operate in an amazingly creative setting such as Florence, where art, tradition and history blend and amazing products are brought to life.

Our favourite part of this crib is the hood, that gives a flair of ancient, beautiful beds, worthy of kings and queens, or, better, young princes and princesses!

If you like it and you also want to have a look at the other products of the 'Muffin' collection, then you may want to go for the Moses basket, the nursery and other elegant and sweet pieces in our catalogue.


Minimalist large mirror with hooks for hallway 'Mini' by Birex




The minimal design of this piece makes it an amazingly elegant asset for your hallway. The hallway may not be considered the best part of the house or the more important, but actually, it is very important to take good care of it, because it is the first part of the house that your guests and that you are going to see when you come in! It is like the appetiser, it needs to be delicious, the great beginning, the great start!

Therefore, having a big, nice and ultramodern unit in the hallway it is very essential. We love this because it is an exclusive entryway mirror unit, with five pieces of coat hangers and a mini shelf.

Birex is a very well-known manufacturer in terms of hallway units and shoe cabinets. We also really like the mirror and find it an incredible asset. When you are in a hurry to go out, the mirror is there, right in the hallway, and you can have a last look at yourself before plunging into the city's chaos, or, worse, an important date or meeting... and you do not want to go out with any spot or whatever it may be!