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Sexy and Modern Furniture for your Spring Cleaning

Posted: 19/04/2017 in Blog

Furniture ideas after spring cleaning

My Italian Living Ltd

Spring cleaning can be very, very frustrating. So much to do, so much to clean, and a lot of things you may want to get rid of. But this year, we would like to show you some new products that you may find interesting and that you could have a look at, should you want to give a new look to your house.  




Sexy Chair Unique Ultramodern Italian Furniture by Adrenalina

This chair is considered sexy because of the design and the unique handles of metal, that makes this piece very original, even between the weird pieces of Adrenalina's catalogue. It is an ultra-modern, contemporary piece, and it was designed by Simone Micheli, who is very famous among Italian designers. The colour in the picture is a brilliant, passionate and sexy red, but you can choose it in many other options. Purchasing this chair is a great way to modernise your living or dining room area. The seat is made of a wooden structure, padded with polyurethane foam and fiber fill. The armrests are made of rounded inox steel, with the diameter of 4 cm. The chair is available in leather or textile upholstery.




Curved Glass Coffee Table 'Lyra' by Target Furniture




This coffee table is amazing. We really like it because it is incredibly modern and contemporary. It was designed and produced by Target Furniture, one of the leading Italian manufacturers when it comes to minimalist style. All their products are unique, and this table is a good example. It is available in two colours, either transparent or turtle dove. Both are great and can match any interior. The whole table is made of one sheet of glass. The design is elegant and it reminds of luxury and style. The essential, yet original shape, can be a great asset for any living room, and it will make the table the focal point of the room. It is not very high, just 35 cm. Coffee tables may not seem as the centrepiece of a room, but they are actually a great detail that will make your house unique.



Modern Stacking Dining Chair 'Manila' by Imperial Line




This chair is the most popular one in our sells. Our customers love it because it has a simple, yet very elegant, design. Also, it is good because it can be stacked, but you can also choose it in different colours. So, if you want to buy eight for your great dinner parties with your big family, and you can't choose between two different colours that both match your dining room, you can have both - and give a spark of uniqueness to your house. Even three or four colours. Even more.

The seat is upholstered and very comfortable, and you can choose the material - bonded leather, eco-leather, fabric or hard leather, according to your tastes and needs.

The chair also looks good with all kinds of dining tables. The leather is very high quality, and it ensures a grandeur look for for a great experience. The structure is made of a chrome metal frame.




Contemporary 'Loco' Steel Pendant Lamp by Stones

This is one of our favourite lamps. In fact, it has a very original design. Stones is well-know for the uniqueness and originality of its design, and this lamp definitely represents their style.

It comes with three different stems of shell-shaped lamp shades. They are connected to a metal ceiling mount by electrical wires. The whole structure is made of chromed steel, all very high-quality. Lamps may not be considered as the centrepieces, the protagonists of a room's interior, but they can really change how a room looks. As in theatre lights are used to conceive different emotions and atmospheres, the same happens when it comes to interior design, where light - and therefore lamps - can really change how a room looks.



Fixed/extending Glossy White/Grey Dining Table 'Artu' by Sedit




This dining table is not only a great asset if you are used to have many people for dinner and you need a practical, extendable table. It is also great because it has a very modern and beautiful design. It is sophisticated and will look amazing with any style.

You can have it in glossy grey or white, and it is also available in different sizes, either fixed or extendable. It is also quite light and very easy to clean. The structure is made of polyurethane material with a glass top and a metal mechanism.

Some people think that totally white can be dull, but actually, Sedit made this colour glamorous and fashionable with this table. The design and shape of the corners and of the legs make it a sophisticated piece that will wow your guests and will give to your kitchen, dining room or living room a great deal of charm. We really recommend you to couple this amazing table with simple, white chairs. The colour that will make this look amazing is of course light blue, that is always perfect with the glass top. Using some mono-colour cutlery, dishes and cups (and, if you manage to find them, even bottles) will make this piece look incredible, modern and contemporary.