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Furniture for Easter 2017

Posted: 11/04/2017 in Blog

Our ideas for furniture in Easter

My Italian Living Ltd

Easter is coming. This year, there is a long weekend right ahead of us, and you may want to spend it with your loved ones. Either you spend it at home or travelling, this weekend would be a good one, because the weather is going to be good - even in London!, and you may want to take advantage of it by lying in your garden and sipping a mojito, or travelling around Europe.

It does not really matter, because either way, you can spend some time having a look at our Easter furniture, all with very light and elegant colours that speak of summer and freshness.


Italian Folding Garden Chair 'Gala' by Scab

This chair is available in several colours and can be stacked. You can even have the same chair, buying it in different colours, as they all look great together. It is made out of stainless steel, that makes it a great asset, since it is sturdy and resistant also on steep ground. Can be easily matched with our garden tables, all by Scab Design.


Plastic Garden Bench 'Isabella' by Scab


This bench is available both in hunter green and white, according to your tastes and needs. Garden furniture does not need to be that elegant, as functionality may seem much more important, but actually this bench will give your garden a smart and fresh look. We have many other great garden benches and sofas in our catalogue and in our gallery, but Isabella is one of our favourite at the moment.


Small Camping Table 'Malibu' by Scab

This small table is perfect if you are a camping afficionado and you like to take up as less space as possible by traveling with very few essential things, either alone or with other people. Malibu is light and easy to carry, but it is also a sturdy table perfect for picnics outdoor. In our catalogue, there are many other small camping tables that can be adapted to your needs.


Translucent Garden Stool 'Class' by Scab

This stool looks great both indoor and outdoor, but we particularly like it for the garden because of its transparent material, that makes it a garden piece that is not invasive and does not look too invasive among your garden's plants and flowers. It perfectly blends with nature. There are many other translucent pieces in our catalogue, and Scab is one of the best factories in the production of this kind of items.


Folding Rocking Lounge Chair 'Beach' by Scab

This chair is perfect if you like to spend hours lying under the sun, just like a lizard. You may love to sleep in the sun, read or just chat amiably with your friends. It does not really matter what to do, as long as you do it comfortably - and we struggle to find something as comfortable as this sunbed. There are many other sunbeds in our catalogue, so please feel free to have a look at them.


Italian 3 Seater Swing Hammock 'Scirocco' by Scab

We have already advertised this swing set in other blog posts, but we can't really get enough of this. The hunter green shade makes it a perfect asset for the garden, and we especially like the curtain that will protect you from the hard sun. There are also bigger swing sets if you need to welcome a very big family or amount of friends.


Sand Multipurpose Garden Rug 'Palmas' by Sitap




Even though this rug looks great both indoor and outdoor, we particularly like seeing it outdoor because it is an original and very elegant piece of furniture. It gives a unique flair to every open space you put it, and your garden will wow the guests of your garden parties. If you think that this shade is too light, don't worry, there are many others!


Wooden Trolley 'Cake' by Foppapedretti

This trolley is perfect if you are used to organising parties in the garden or at home, or if you want to surprise your partner by bringing them some flowers, a cup of coffee and much love. Easter is a time where a lot of love is shared, and this is the right moment for surprises.


Big Cubic Wooden Structure 'Ed' by Foppapedretti



If you do not have anything fancy in mind, remember that Easter is a great time to do the spring cleaning - we know, this sounds extremely boring, but as long as Foppapedretti is with you, it is not going to be that bad! Just look into our catalogue to find the best storage furniture.


Romantic 'Fly' Mirror by Cosatto





This mirror is a classic that we really, really like and this is not the first time we put it into one of our blogs. Even so, we can't get enough of it, especially because it gives a flair of lightness, freshness and romanticism, which is a perfect mix to represent spring.


Modern 'Gosha' Pendent Lamp by Slamp


This lamp is particularly interesting because it sheds different shades of light, and the one in the picture is particularly great for spring. But if you are more like a dark soul, then do not worry - there is even a black one and many other versions of this unique piece.


Contemporary 'Polka Trio' Floor Lamp by Slamp

This is quite a contemporary and vanguard piece, but the reason why we wanted to put it in this miscellaneous of spring furniture is that it comes out of the floor just like flowers raises up from the ground in spring. This is a romantic piece that is also available in several colours.


Italian Classic Deco Style Coffee Table 'Siana' by Target Furniture





Let's face it: we love coffee table. We love them because they represents relax. They are usually located between sofas, and you can put on them cups of coffee, pizza boxes, remote controls and all those things that speak of lazy and chilling nights...


Contemporary Italian Designer Sofa 'Milton' by Dall'Agnese




This sofa is extremely big and that is the reason why we like it. If you are having many guests and relatives at home during Easter, then you will find it extremely easy to welcome everyone. The sofa is available in different beautiful colours and finishes.


Modern Moses Baby Basket 'Hudson' by Hugs Factory

Moses baskets are symbol of particularly happy moments in life. The baby has just arrived, and everyone is paying extra care to them. The tenderness of seeing your baby sleeping in this piece of furniture is invaluable.


Luxury Shabby Chic Wooden Baby Cot-Sofa 'Rigletto' by Pali




This is a very elegant piece of furniture. Your baby will wake up in what seems to be the bed of a Disney character. The beech wood frame is a classic that few people can resist to. We particularly like the net, that gives a special, smart look to the whole bed.


Miro Brown Changing Table with Drawers 'Miro' by Picci





Changing tables are particularly valuable pieces of furniture when it comes to welcoming a baby in your house. They are comfortable, and brands like Picci, nowadays, take into consideration the elegance of the piece, but also the functionality and practicability of it. This piece includes all these features.


Classic Metal Slimline Coat & Hat Stand 'Flower' by Cosatto





This piece is perfect for spring because it reminds of flowers and plants growing up. It is a great homage to nature and to its beauty and force, as Cosatto always does with their products. This is available in many colours, that you may choose according to your tastes and needs.


Contemporary Slim Thin Shoe Storage 'XL' by Birex





Another very elegant product that you can have with wooden finish is this amazing shoe cabinet. It should be kept in the hallway, but you can really keep it wherever you want, because it does look good in any room really. It is available in different sizes.


Hallway Wall Furniture Set with Cupboards & Mirror by Birex





Everyone should have a place where throwing everything they are carrying - keys, purses, flies, shopping bags - as soon as they set foot at home. This hallway furniture set is perfect for this purpose, but it is also very elegant and beautiful. Available also in different colours and finishes.


Baby Wardrobe Magnolia/Cream 'Caprise Royal' by Pali

If you are looking for a wardrobe for your child, this is one of our favourite in our catalogue, because it is elegant and classy, but also functional and practical for its purpose. Children furniture should also have an element of play and tenderness, and this wardrobe looks perfectly like it.