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Garden Furniture for Spring 2017

Posted: 03/04/2017 in Blog

Ideas for garden furniture

My Italian Living Ltd

Good weather has finally come! We could not wait to show you our collection of garden furniture. Our main supplier is called Scab, and it is one of the leading manufacturers in terms of Italian furniture for the garden. As you may want to enjoy the sunshine in your garden or wherever you go when it does not rain in the UK, then these pieces are something that you could consider to have the best spring and summer experience.

The products we want to show you are all from our collection, and they are some among our favourite, but please, do not forget to look at the whole catalogue by Scab and to keep an eye on our website - more items of garden furniture are coming in the next weeks!



Folding Drinks Trolley 'Perlage' by Scab

Enjoy the sunshine with great garden parties, where you can invite all your friends and relatives and spoil them with a good amount of drinks and food... this trolley is a great asset for every garden party. It is sturdy, easy to move and to clean around your house. An accessory that is also a great piece of Italian furniture, that may seem not essential enough but it is actually useful and stylish at the same time. It is available in green and white, so that you can choose it according to your needs and tastes.

Contemporary Garden Box 'Maxi' by Scab




This box is very good for any kind of use. Also, together with providing a good storage space, it is very elegant and perfect to be kept outside, since it does not get damage with rain or bad weather. You can store any object that you want to keep in your garden, maybe some garden tools or instruments, or stacking and folding chairs... it is really up to you, but what you may be sure of is that this is a sturdy, roomy, useful, resistant and easy to clean piece of garden furniture.

Italian 5 Position Armchair 'Splendida' by Scab


Even if this armchair reminds of the more classic plastic chairs that are commonly used, this has some good, innovative and classy details. Its resistance and quality makes it a great piece where enjoying the sunshine. The design on the back is extremely elegant, and the structure of the whole chair makes it a sturdy yet light and easy to move piece. It is a great asset for your garden furniture, and if you want you can have a look at the similar pieces in our catalogue.

Wrought-Iron Foldable Armchair 'Isa' by Scab


Scab always takes some great element of Italian tradition, for example the wrought iron ancient chairs, and turns it into something new and innovative, like this modern yet classic chair. The mechanism of the structure allows you to fold it and stack it wherever you want, which is good if you do not have much space and only use it in special occasion, like when you have guests. There is another version of this chair and many other kinds of wrought-iron ones that you may find on our website.

Stacking Indoor/Outdoor 'Extraordinaria' Armchair by Scab


Beautiful, translucent piece that will look amazing with every style, both indoor and outdoor. It is indeed perfect for the garden because it is very easy to clean, light and resistant. We have many different translucent products in our catalogue, so you may want to have a look at them and see if you can find anything of your interest. They are beautiful pieces of garden furniture, but they are stylish indoor as well, especially if associated with antique furniture. Scab is a very good supplier of translucent furniture, and the design is both traditional and very modern, a great classic of Italian furniture.

Stackable Woven Patio Italian 'Lux' Chair by Scab

 The woven design of this chair makes it a great asset for your garden. It is indeed very comfortable and original, and it looks like the perfect place where spending an afternoon, relaxing and drinking a mojito... It is a great piece of Italian furniture as it takes the traditional woven design and pattern and turns it into a modern, contemporary piece that will look amazing both indoor and outdoor. There are many other products with the same pattern, so you may want to check them out in our catalogue.


Woven Patterned 'Olive' Garden Sofa by Scab

This beautiful piece is perfect if you are used to have many guests and you want to have great parties in your garden - or even just if you like to spend your summer days lying on the sofa... outdoor! Garden sofas are getting trendier and trendier every year, especially if they are decorated with cushions of fashionable colours like this one. There is more than one garden sofa on our website, so, if you are interested in this piece of garden furniture, you may want to have a look at the full catalogue.


Outdoor Dining Table 'Tavolone' by Scab

This is a great asset if you love to have big dinner parties in your garden and you want all your guests to find a place. In fact, it is very big, but also very easy to clean and to move around. Everyone will have a place at your dinner table and you will all enjoy a nice meal under the stars. It is available in different colours, so that you may choose it according to your tastes and needs. It is also sturdy and it does not get damaged from bad weather.

Indoor and Outdoor Table 'Rome' by Scab


This table is absolutely unique, and the ornamental perforations make it an elegant, traditional and original product to have either in your garden or indoor. It is beautiful, sturdy, resistant, and it is good if you want to serve a good tea or some refreshments. It is also a great asset for a standing-up dinner. It does look great both indoor and outdoor. We have many others round tables in our collection, so feel free to have a look.

Stacking Indoor Outdoor Stool 'Nolita' by Pedrali


Great stool, very original and rural look. Perfect for garden, especially for dinner parties in summer. It is available in many beautiful colours according to your tastes and needs. The uniqueness of this product is a symbol of Pedrali, which is a leading manufecturer of Italian furniture, both for garden and not. This stool is very contemporary and it looks amazing if you love to have dinner and cocktail parties in your garden.


Italian Beautiful Sunbed on Wheels 'Classic' by Scab



The dark colour of this sun bed will look good with any colour of the garden. It is elegant, minimalist, sturdy and resistant. Perfect for the summer! We particularly like the classy design of the backrest, but if you think it is a bit too much for your garden, then there are other options of sunbeds and sun loungers in our catalogue. There are also several colours to choose, so please, feel free to have a look at our collection.


3 Seater Swing Set 'Scirocco' by Scab


Beautiful, sturdy, big, made out of resistant materials that are easy to clean and perfect for outdoor. There is a practical curtain for the shade. Very stable also on steep ground, which makes it a great piece and asset for your garden. We really like it because it reminds of traditional swing sets, a classic for Italian furniture, but it is also very modern and contemporary. It is available in several colours, so you may want to have a look at the different options.

Beautiful Outdoor Patio 'Grey Hampton' Garden Rug by Scab


The design of this rug is very ethnic and speaks of beautiful, ancient cultures. The colours look great with the shades that are typical of gardens. We really like this rug, also because it is a beautiful piece that is easy to clean and to move. It is very good because it makes it easier to clean the garden and to keep it in order, which is always good. It does look amazing indoor as well, so you can move it easily from the garden to your house.


Italian 3.0 large cantilever 'Parasol' by Scab






Beautiful piece by Scab, perfect if you need some shade in your garden. It is very large and casts a big shade. Beautiful, elegant, essential and sturdy. Very easy to open ad install. It is very resistant, so do not worry about wind and bad weather. It does not get damaged and it is very safe. This is an essential piece if you like to spend your spring and especially summer in the sun and to avoid getting sunburnt!