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Flamboyant Pink Italian Furniture

Posted: 23/03/2017 in Blog

Our ideas for furniture in flamboyant pink

My Italian Living Ltd

Let's say that you are a modern person who needs a bright spark in your house. Neutral colours, even if they are so easy to use in interior design, can also make the house a bit too serious and grey. They are elegant, and greys, beiges, browns and whites are all great colours to use when furnishing and decorating a house.

This does not mean that you can't be elegant with other colours, even if those colours are very flamboyant and bright. For this reason, we have decided to show you some of our items that are available in this incredible shade and can give a great, original and unique flair to the greyness and seriousness of your house. This is the right solution for those who wants to be stylish, but don't take themselves too seriously.


Entrance Hall Wall Mirror with Glass Shelves 'Violet' by Birex





The hallway is the first part of your house that you are going to see when you go in. Therefore, it should be a good one, right? It should be elegant, beautiful, cosy, and of course, welcoming. Well, this hallway unit is aesthetically amazing, with the beautiful translucent, cangiant colour, and it is also very comfortable because it is the right place where placing your keys and bag when you get home. It is also very good when you go out, because it has a mirror where you can look at yourself for the last check!


Modern Design Furniture 'Ollo' Armchair by Adrenalina


The colour of this armchair is just incredible. It is of course available in the many, interesting and beautiful shades by Adrenalina - which are one crazier than the other, but this is absolutely stunning. If you living room is all furnished and decorated with very serious, minimalist colours, this is your chance to have a completely new spark: the flamboyant pink of this chair and its original and unique design make it a grea piece to have in your house, that will wow your guests and relatives during every coffee and tea parties.


Kid's 'Animal Mutsi' large floor cushion by Sedit





This is a fun, flamboyant accessory to have if your children love to lie in front of the TV, while reading books or just enjoying the relax of the moment. This nice option and the funny shape of the animal will make your children associate play time and time spent with the family as positive, bright, the greatest moments of their lives. This is of course made with non-toxic substances, and it is perfectly safe for kids of every age. Go see the full catalogue to find all the fun options and animals.



Pills 3 Seater Sofa by Adrenalina





This sofa, designed by the incredible Adrenalina, is a great example of an amazing product that goes over many traditions of interior design. The sofa is absolutely modern and, as many products by Adrenalina, it is a well made piece that is perfect for people who do not take themselves too seriously and think that design is a way of always exploring the world, discovering new shapes, colours and finishes. This is such a great sofa that it seems impossible someone may sit on it, but it is actually very comfortable.



Modern Design Italian Media TV Unit by Mobilstella






This incredible TV unit is not pink, alright, we know it (even though you can have it fucsia, actually), but it does look amazing with the pink wall. This is a point that we think it is important to make, that is, if you want to have a brighter room, it is not only a matter of the colour of the actual furniture, but also the walls, the windows, the paintings; every piece of furniture, even the most classic ones like this TV unit, may look much more fun with the right accessories and colours.



Italian Dining Chair 'Karina' by Compar






The modern design of this chair makes it an amazing asset for your dining room. It seems impossible, looking at this chair from a very old school point of you, that this chair is actually a piece to have in your house rather than in a museum of very modern, avant-guarde design, but it is actually a very comfortable chair that will be amazing with a modern dark table. The chair is available in different colour, but we are particularly in love with this chair.



Ultramodern Rug 'Hippy' by Sitap






Even if this rug is available both in pink and orange, we particularly like the pink one, because it is so bright and flamboyant and would make every room look more fun and innovative. It does look particularly great with beiges and dove greys, but in general it is good with neutral colours.

It is a pretty big rug, more than 2 metres long, and the pattern is very old school, almost vintage. It looks like one of those rugs in those Oriental temples, a very hippy piece that you may love if you are a fan of beat generation...



Classic, elegant Sultan Sofa by Domingo







This sofa is probably not the normal sofa you may have in your living room, but it is such an amazing sofa that we wanted to show it to you anyway. The decoration is absolutely high quality, and the luxury of the design and materials make it an amazing piece to have. Of course, given the personality of this sofa, the rest of the room and maybe of the house needs to be furnished in an essential, minimalist style, otherwise the whole thing will be really a bit too much.