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Furniture from the Ocean

Posted: 17/03/2017 in Blog

Furniture in a new shade of blue

My Italian Living Ltd

As you may know, we always try to be on trend in terms of design, colours and finishes, so we were having a look at the colours that people are going to go crazy for in Spring and Summer 2017, and it seems like Dusky Blue is one among them. It is a sort of lighter navy blue - less classic, more innovative, but still very elegant and classy. So, it is not a bright blue.

It reminded us of some shades of the ocean. Who does not love the ocean? Some of us at My Italian Living have grown up in a city on the seaside, and missing the feeling that the sea gives to a city is perfectly normal in London.

Therefore, we would like to show you some products that represent this trend and this Dusky Blue, which seems to be one of the most popular colours that we will see this summer.

Bioethanol Fireplace '4' by Stones





It may not be the first item you think about when you hear or read the word summer, but this fireplace is actually beautiful, very contemporary, and of course very original and different from the traditional fireplaces. Its design makes it a great asset in your living room, and it is perfectly safe and eco-friendly. This fireplace only comes in this colour, which makes it even more unique and interesting. This shade of blue looks very classy and elegant with any other neutral colour.


Blue 'Bark' Lamp by Slamp



The wooden, cangiant blue of this lamp is an amazingly original finish that will give a very unique flair to the room where you put it. The lamp incorporates a woodland scene into a chic and minimalist design. This is a real case where tradition is taken and blended with innovation to create a classy and elegant product. Also, the blue is amazing and it does include many shades of dusky blue, that will give you a better idea of the colours of the ocean...



Minimalist Italian Design 'Twist' Rug by Sitap






Stripes are a typical feature of the navy style. Sailors are usually imagined dressed with striped t-shirt, usually white and blue or red or black. In this case, this rug includes stripes that represent the different shades of the ocean. This rug looks great with a contemporary style. We definitely think that this blue would look amazing with neutral colours (whites, greys, beiges), but if you are brave enough this can look very good with brighter, flamboyant colours. Even this super-colourful rug!



Modern Nightstand 'Minimalist' by Dall'Agnese


This amazing piece of furniture can be found in many different finishes or colours, but we were fascinated by the one in the picture. The blue is so dark it may look like navy, but actually it is not. It is a beautiful shades of blue that also contains some hints of dust and grey, so we are pretty sure it looks quite like the Dusky Blue we were talking about. This is a very nice nightstand to have right beside your bed: original and unique, but minimalist and classy.


Bedroom Chest of Drawers 'So-ring' by Siluetto


There is a lot to put into drawers. Everyone needs two more drawers - they are never enough. But it is important that even these details are considered, if you want your house to look stylish and elegant. This chest of drawers by Siluetto is minimalist and smart, together with roomy and beautiful. The colour is very original and it includes several shades of blue - just like the ocean, right?


Modern Design 'Dido' by Veneran






This beautiful bed is available in different colours and finishes. Even so, the originality of this blue is particularly interesting. As the centrepiece of a bedroom, we suggest you to put this bed in a room that is furnished with a modern, contemporary style. The best thing would be a very simple, essential and minimalist one, with neutral colours, that would make the colour stand out as the protagonist. But of course, the choice is all yours.


Stacking Dinner Chair 'Manila' by Imperial Line





This chair looks amazing with either a modern or classic style. It is a great piece to have because it is original, but not too "flamboyant", and you can have more than one, using them as your dining chairs. They make a very stylish dining room. You can have them in different shades, but we thought that this one would be the best because it is looks very good with neutral colours and also with brighter, flamboyant ones.



Illuminated Resin Coffee Table in Dark Grey by Stones






Even though this coffee table is not exactly blue, we think that it does look amazing with the other products that we have showed you in this list. In fact, the colour is dark grey. Even if Dusky Blue is much brighter than Navy, it does have some shades of grey, which makes it look good very well with the dark grey of this colour. The table, with its original shape, comes only in this colour, but it also looks like a shell, as it was shaped from the waves...


Modern Sectional Sofa 'Arthe 5' by Confort Line




This beautiful sofa is incredibly big and it is helpful if you are used to have many guests. What we really like about it is all the space and seats it has, but most of all, all the shades of blue that it includes. It goes from quite a dark, almost navy blue, to a beautiful, bright and flamboyant turquoise, exactly like the sea does according to the weaher and the "moods" of the sea.

We really like this. It is modern and elegant and looks perfectly in a house with neutral colours.


Modern Baby Crib 'Mini Miki' by Picci





Well, of course, if your house is all furnished in Dusky Blue, then you need to have something for your baby as well. We have a couple of item that can be also made in blue finish, so you may want to have a look at the whole catalogue, but this one is particularly interesting for us because it is both white and blue, so it really looks like traditional white baby furniture with an original flair. This one is very sturdy, safe and resistant, perfect for your baby.



Children Bedroom Furniture 'Blue' by Siluetto






This amazing piece is perfect if you need to decorate and furnish your room with just an item that does it all. In fact, you may change both colour and design of the item, which will be absolutely useful if you need to change the room of your baby in a rush.

This beautiful piece is all made out of very safe, untoxic materials that are perfect for your children. As children spend a lot of time in their bedroom, they need to have a good perception of it. Also, blue is a relaxing colour that will help them to sleep sounder.