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Flowery Spring Ideas

Posted: 09/03/2017 in Blog

My Italian Living Ideas for Furniture inspired by spring and nature

My Italian Living Ltd

If you are a chick lit nerd like some of us are, well, you may remember the famous Miranda Priestley quote: flowers in spring? Groundbreaking. Well, we can tell the sage and terrible Miranda Priestley, superbly interpreted by Meryl Streep in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, was quite right, especially because she was talking about fashion. Interior design is somewhat similar to fashion: every year, new colours, trends and tendencies take over the previous ones, and the designers always have something new and interesting to say.

But we also like tradition, and also love when the weather starts to be better. Trees blossom, the sky is clearer. Even in London, where you may be always surrounded by skycrapers, offices and concrete, you can tell spring is coming. You can taste it and smell it, see people wearing less layers of clothing and realise you need to take your sunglasses with you the day after.

This is why we don't ever get tired of flowers in spring. As Londoners, we feel the need of nature, of seeing blossoming trees and smelling the flowers on meadows. This is why we want to show you some of our flowery products - we know this is not particulrly innovative or "groundbreaking", but we are pretty sure flowers will never go out of fashion.

Italian Stacking Garden Sofa 'Olive' by Scab

If you are lucky enough to own a garden, well, you may be one of the few Londoners who will see the season's changes and enjoy Spring very soon. In fact, you may see the garden coming alive and showing you that winter does not last forever - which is something that some Londoners may sometimes think, after dark months of rain and grey sky.

As Italians, we are used to good weather, so, when spring comes, we really feel the excitement and the happiness.

This item was produced by Scab, that is a leading company in Italy for producing garden furniture. If you can't wait to have some parties in your garden, inviting friends and colleagues and relatives, then this may be a very good asset for your garden. In fact, it is light but sturdy, and it is perfect to make people sit in the garden and just enjoy a cool beer with some sandwiches.

This garden sofa can be easily matched with many other products in our garden section or in the Scab catalogues. If you are a party animal and you think your garden should look just as elegant and stylish as the rest of the house, then this is what to look for!

Rectangular Wrought Iron Frame Mirror 'Fly' by Cosatto





Spring makes you beautiful. We know this is probably not true - spring does not make you anything much better that you already are, or it could even mess up with your health (allergies, rushes and so on). But we really want to believe that it helps you recover from the winter colds and flus and will make your skin a bit more shiny and tanned.

In both cases, mirrors will help you have a close look at your skin and see how it changes, either getting better or not. Mirrors make rooms look lighter and bigger, and they are incredible accessories that you can match with others - for example, hooks and racks, valet stands, console tables, rugs, and, of course, flowers! A beautiful bouquet put right before a mirror will make your bedroom look amazing, fresh, cool and airy, especially if it is a mirror by Cosatto, that is particularly well-known for their design inspired by nature, with flowers and leaves.

This mirror, called 'Fly', looks like it has just come out from the bedroom of a Disney princess. Can you imagine her waking up and going to sit right in front of the mirror, braiding her hair and whistling some song about the Charming Prince? We do. And maybe it is a very cheesy image (we are sure Miranda Priestley wouldn't like it), but it's spring, guys! Let's leave cynicis to some other season!


Classic Wrought Iron Coat Hanger 'Roma' by Cosatto




If you are thinking to buy a coat stand for your coats and jackets, you may have some space issues. A coat stand right next to the entrance door or in the hallway does take a lot of space, and sometimes it is not even that necessary - in fact, especially in Spring, you may just need a small rack where putting your summer bags and hats. This amazing piece was made by Cosatto, that, as we told you, is particularly famous for flowery design.

This rack can be placed everywhere in your house. We would choose the hallway, of course, for its functionality - it is always good to have some place where just hanging your clothes or stuff as soon as you get into the house - but you can put it in your bedroom or even in the kitchen for rags and cloths. It is a very good decoration for any room in your house really, especially in spring.

We are convinced that good interior design is made by details. So even if your room includes very simple and basic furniture, details like this kind of rack can give a completely different spark and flair to the whole house.

As with most of Cosatto's pieces, 'Roma' is available in different colours and shades.

Contemporary or Double or King Sized 'Meadow' by Cosatto




Yes, we know that we are playing safe by showing you so many Cosatto products with the Spring theme, but they are absolutely incredibly in reproducing the forms and shapes of nature during this period of the year. This bed, that is available both in double, king and single size, is completely made out of wrought iron. The flowers are made by the technique of cutting wrought iron with the laser, and it is absolutely stunning if you like this genre. We suggest you have a look at this bed and at all the different options by Cosatto if you are essentialy a romantic or a nature lover.

This is not the only product by Cosatto that has this kind of theme. There are many other wrought iron beds that are inspired by nature and that would look amazing in a country house.

Please have a look at our catalogue, both in the gallery and in the main section, where you will find a lot of possibilities for your house. Cosatto is a very famous leading company in Italy, their materials are absolutely top quality and they are very easy to ship, very resistant and sturdy.

This bed, as many others on the catalogue, comes also as a single bed that you may want to buy for your children - all the paints and varnishes are absolutely non toxic and safe.

Modern Rug Luxury Floral 'Capri XI' by Sitap





Poppies are a typical Italian kind of flowers. They blossom in May, when they just cover our fields with beautiful and bright red spots. It is a very interesting flower, very delicate and strong at the same time. This rug by Sitap, the leading company in Italy when it comes to rugs, is a homage to this beautiful flower.

We particularly suggest you to have a look at this if you have a living room or a space that is furnished in a very simple and minimalist style and, for the spring, you want it to have a sparkle, a special flair, a bright, colourful detail that will make the rest of the room stand out as original and modern rather than boring or too essential.

Also, you may choose this rug according to your needs and to the dimensions of the room. In fact, it is available in three beautiful sizes, so that you may also use it in other, less roomy spaces of your house - for example, the hallway, the bedroom and so on. This rug is made out of polypropylene, a very safe and elegant material. Please have a look at all the other flowery rugs that we have, not only in the main section, but also in the gallery, where we have more than 200 new rugs!