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Literary Furniture Ideas

Posted: 20/02/2017 in Blog

Literary Furniture Ideas: How Interior Design May Speak of Books

My Italian Living Ltd

We do not think about it too often, but furniture is really one of the most important parts of our life. Furniture has always had a huge importance in the past, and the design developed in the centuries to make our life easier and our houses more beautiful and modern. Since this is a time when the biting cold could discourage you from going out, you may be spending a lot of your free time watching TV series and movies and reading books. Well, here at My Italian Living we are all book lovers, and we could not help to notice that some of the furniture we are selling takes us to those books that we very much loved. So get ready for our trip among literary furniture!



Retro Italian Armchair '203' by Domingo Salotti - The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald


The story of Gatsby is so well-known that it seems pointless to tell it. What seems more interesting to notice is - isn't this chair exactly the place where you'd imagine Gatsby or Daisy to sit down while sipping wine from a classy crystal glass? Whether you are imagining the Gatsby from the old movie with Robert Redford or the new one with Leonardo DiCaprio or even another Gatsby that you have imagined in your own personal way, we bet you could perfectly see him sitting comfortably on this chair and looking at you with a glance that means everything and anything.

The retro stile of this chair and the colour, which is just as glamorous and fancy as you could imagine in a 20's party, makes it really a unique piece to have in your place. The perfect lounge chair that you'll make you feel like a sparkling lady or gentleman from the past.



Classic Canopy Bed with Curtains 'Dream' by Cosatto - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen





I know, Jane Austen was not exactly the romantic, dreamy woman that people love to think she was. She in fact was exactly the opposite, a strong woman who decided to undertake the challenge of being a female writer at her difficult times. But, well, can't you picture a bed that is very much similar to this one, in one of the beautiful manor houses in the British country side that Jane Austen wrote so much about? Because we can... totally.

This bed is also made of wrought iron, and the frame has such a romantic and beautiful design that even if you are not a romance lover you'll probably find it amazing. Maybe it is not exactly the style of the modern-nerds, but it is indeed a lovely bed. Cosatto is a very famous brand in Italy and it is particularly well-know for their use of wrought iron, that is a traditional material used in Italian country houses. Cosatto uses it to create pieces that honour the Italian tradition but also have a modern flair, which makes them suitable for different styles. And well, can't you imagine a handsome Mr Darcy right next to the bed?




Classic Wrought Iron Frame Mirror 'Lara' by Target Furniture - The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde




Well, this is a classic of Irish literature, right? And Dorian Gray's picture is not a mirror, of course, but mirrors are the symbol of vanity, which is something that has a lot to do with Dorian's desperate attempts to remain young and beautiful.

This mirror, like the bed by Cosatto, is made out of wrought iron and it has a beautiful vintage flair - which is perfect for one of the slightly gothic and romantic houses where you could see Oscar Wilde dwelling or setting his amazing short stories, the most famous of which is, of course, the amazing The Canterville Ghost. Oscar Wilde was a fascinating writer who challenged the conventions of English literature at his time - and not only literature. He was a provocative and brilliant human being who is still well-known for his bright audacity and the amazing quality of his works. We thought of dedicating this beautiful mirror to the vanity and desperation of Dorian, probably his most famous character. The mirror's design has a lot of traditional, retro elements, but they are mixed up with a contemporary style that makes it amazing into a modern house.



Modern Rail Sliding Door 'Integra 2' Wall Unit by Santa Lucia - A Room of One's Own - Virginia Woolf




Another classic of British literature: this book is an amazing piece by the famous modernist writer Virginia Woolf, who was brave and talented enough to be a female writer at the beginning of the 20thcentury and produced books that completely changed British literature, but also European and Western literature in general.

This is not, like the other books we talked about, a novel - this is an essay about the role of women writers and characters in fiction. It is a very important book, both for women and men. The title includes the term room, that makes us understand how essential furniture and space are to establish the condition of people: in this book, the room is a symbol of the freedom and the poetic licence that Woolf and women in general need to write and make art in general. The room is their space where they can produce the art from which they have kept far for so many centuries. The room in this picture includes the wall unit Integra 2 by Santa Lucia, that may be used to embellish a living room or a bedroom or office room. The bookshelves may contain books, if you are a little bit of an intellectual and you want to feel productive and creative like Virginia...



Contemporary Modular 4 Seater Sofa 'Doyle' by Domingo Salotti - Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding




Let's skip to more contemporary and light books, for those who feel more at ease with funny page turners. Bridget Jones's Diary is a cult of British romantic comedy and it had a huge amount of success at the end of the nineties - it is still famous and very much alive thanks to the third episode of Bridget's story. Well, you fan of the most famous single lady in London may remember that all the movies start with Bridget... singing, dancing, crying and most of all drinking wine all by herself on the sofa. It is iconic. The single, over-weight single girl in London, that spends her birthday eating and drinking by herself on the sofa... probably watching a romantic movie.

Well, of course we do not wish you spend your nights crying, but, if you love to spend your time lying on the sofa and watching cheesy movies, what we can definitely do is to suggest a comfortable sofa, and 'Doyle' by Domingo is absolutely a must when it comes to soft, comfortable and huge sofas.

You can have it in different colours according to the style of your room, and it is just perfect for every kind of style. It is soft and light, but also stable and sturdy, resistant and durable.



Modern Oak Kitchen-Dining Room Stool 'Woody' by Pedrali - American Psycho- Bret Easton Ellis


You may not be a fan of classics or romantic comedies - but we are positive that you like thrillers or detective stories, or even horror genre. Well, this book is probably already a classic of American literature, but it includes some of these three genres, so popular nowadays among readers of every age and social class.

Bret Easton Ellis is a very fascinating writer, and his Patrick Bateman is a complete psycho who is obsessed with... well, murder, and also top-quality objects, among which furniture as well. His house is a temple to modernity and luxury, and we could not help to imagine these stools abs being part of it. Pedrali is a revolutionary, very interesting brand that produces ultramodern and contemporary pieces that will blow your mind and give a unique flair to your house. These stools really seem like pieces that the terrible Patrick Bateman would keep in his kitchen - well, don't let the fact that he's a killer discourage you. He did have great style, though.